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Share your concept , we will develop the robot for you . Human needs robot in 4d condition.4 D condition is all about Dull , Dirty , Difficult & Dangerous . Robots needed to replace humans in the 4 D condition . Your concept can be the task which is performed under 4 D condition where humans are working at home ,workplace , factory & in society Robotics scientists at SakRobotix will engage with you , understand the concept and develop the new product. We at SakRobotix can develop the Technology , integrate multiple technology , Product packaging ,Product prototyping , testing and validating.

Business partner

We at SakRobotix are in a journey in making India the next robotics capital , Being Headquartered at the Startup Center IIT Bhubaneswar. We are looking forward for business partners across india. We are excited to take robotics education to every corner of the country India. We have designed a detailed curriculum for offering robotics education in schools where students from Standard 1st to standard 10th can learn and develop 12 projects in the SRC (SakRobotix research Center) established at the school per year, as part of their curriculum.


Robots fascinate students, hobbyists , developers and a DIY(Do it yourself) robot kit will be an ideal gift for a student. We at SakRobotix offer robotics training from the basic to advance through various program. Indigenious robotics DIY kits developed at SakRobotix for education . Limited access, due to robots being either too expensive or complex or too simplistic, has kept innovators, explorers and the masses at bay.SakRobotix Robots are the next big platform. We've all dreamed of a world where robots interact with and help humans in their daily lives.But the reality is, robots have a long way to go.

SakRobotix Summercamp 2019.

Why Choose SakRobotix:

We are a leading company in robotics education. We bring up industry institute partnership programmes to spread the knowledge of robotics into young minds.

Robotics Workshop:

We offer Robotics workshop for Engineering Students across our innovative robotics platform: Breadbotix, Autobotix, Waterbotix, Humanobotix and more.

Robotics Lab:

We setup robotics lab all over Indian states across schools and colleges providing innovative DIY Kits and Certified Robotics Trainers.

How to Learn:

Enthusiastic learners are provided with hands on session at our lab where they learn to design, build and develop robots.

Dedicated School Curriculum on Robotics:

We have designed creative curriculum from std (I – X) with 12 unique robotics projects for each standard.

Dedicated Instructor:

We provide certified robotics instructor to engage the students into hands on session and productive learning.


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