Faculty Development Programme


Aim of the programme :
To educate and involve the faculties of engineering colleges and students in to Robotics Research. The Objective behind this FDP on Robotics:

The Objective behind this FDP on Robotics :

  • To involve the beautiful minds in robotics research from academic institutions.
  • To strengthen the Institute & Industry Relationship.
  • To promote robotics in the country India.
  • To create the awareness of robotics in our country.
  • To understand the need of robots in home to industry.
  • To understand the Robotics development life cycle.
  • To innovate new robotics products.

The Objective behind this FDP on Robotics :

  • Participants can develop a clear & strong vision about tomorrow’s robots.
  • Participant can involve immediately in research.
  • Strong industry & institute collaboration bring mutual benefit research objectives in future
  • To identify the real world problems and develop Robots with the scope to solve it.

Duration: One day (5hrs)

Schedule of the day:

Inauguration-> Session1 (1.5hr) - >Tea Break -> Session 2(1.5hrs) -> Lunch Break (1hr) -> Session3 (1hr) -> Session 4(1hr) -> Valedictory.
Session Topic To Be Covered Duration
1 Robots & its current trends , Innovation challenges 1.5 hr
2 Scope of robotics research, why it’s more important today? Robotics product development life cycle methodologies 1.5 hr
3 Know all the Components in a robot, assembling an autonomous robot & programming it. Testing the robots by changing programs & sensors 1 hr
3 Panel Discussion: How to start a research, apply for funding? New robotics product innovations. 1 hr