SRC In College

SakRobotix Research Center at College is an Industry Institute Partnership program, where students become robotics researcher and transform ideas to Product. It’s an innovative model where students get trained on basic to advanced level robotics, get involved in new product development.The outcome of the SRC is to produce robotics researchers, new robotics products, industry consultancy revenue for the Institute & IP licensing revenue.


  1. To innovate & develop new robotics product.
  2. To transform students to robotics researcher & scientists.
  3. To transform academic Institute in to R&D Institution.
  4. To create a sustainable revenue model for the academia through research.
  5. To increase & strengthen the IPR holding of the academia.
  6. To establish a state of the art robotics laboratory by mutual understanding.
  7. To offer robotics program in association.


  1. SakRobotix will have active involvement with the Research Center (SRC) once the institute signs the MoU.
  2. SRC will be responsible for organizing various in-house robotics activities on a regular basis inside the campus like robotics ideas & solutions discussion sessions, seminars etc.
  3. SakRobotix will provide various product ideas where in, SRC members have to choose few product ideas for prototyping.

SakRobotix Research Center will transfer its core technical expertise and knowhow in building a strong research lab with emphasis on leveraging human resources in creating wealth.

Our vision is to bring, “One robot to one home”. Our company SakRobotix will create numerous products in association with SRCs, by taking their research ideas to manufacture edutainment and consumer products and the same will be marketed by us on a massive scale thus generating profits for everyone.


  1. 1 Faculty membership is needed for 25 students & it’s free.
  2. 100 students and three faculty members must and should register to start with the SRC.