SRC in School

SakRobotix Research Center is a step towards making children the Innovators of tomorrow by research. A robotics lab is being setup in schools for children wherein they are taught the concepts of Science, Technology, engineering & Mathematics (STEM) using Robotics. Robotics and hands-on learning solutions help Students Bridge the gap between key theoretical concepts and their real world applications; this concept is being used by globally leading teaching institutions such as Carnegie Mellon, MIT and Tufts.

To Make Our Country India the next robotics capital of the world, we are establishing, SAKROBOTIX RESEARCH CENTER (SRC) at School – A robotics Lab to offer STEM & Robotics learning at your School Campus for 1st to 10th class students, where students develop one robot in one month . We have 120 projects , 12 projects for each class. SakRobotix Lab invest , establish and operate the robotics lab in the school. Certified robotics instructor deployed at the school SRC to offer quality training with 100% hands on experience.

Benefits of Robotics in Schools:
Young children are natural learners whose minds are full of innovation and ideas, constructed by their own experiences with their environment. Science and Technology is for everyone. If it is taught properly with exposure to advanced practical at the early stage, will help in enhancing proficiency.Robotics is an excellent, multidisciplinary field to impart practical, hands-on learning to students to understand important core STEM subjects such as physics, maths, design, construction, structures, engineering and programming.

  1. To enable children to become motivated and engaged in Science, Mathematics and Technology (SMT) through observation, experimentation, inference, drawing, model, building, rational reasoning, testability etc.
  2. To create curiosity, excitement and exploration among school children in Science, Mathematics and Technology.
  3. To create a culture of thinking, inventing, tinkering and doing to promote enquiry based learning in Schools.
  4. To achieve learning levels appropriate to the class of study in Science and Mathematics.
  5. To encourage and nurture schools to be incubators of Innovation.
  6. An opportunity to showcase their talent in National and International level Robotics competitions.